Sneakers and Beakers is a blog about my daily activities as a fitness lover, chemistry major, and aspiring gluten-free cook.

Sneakers: I have been running for about 9 months now, and despite several setbacks due to injuries, hope to complete my first 5k in a few weeks recently completed my first 5k! (and have completed more since then!) I also enjoy swimming (which is less like swimming and more like trying not to drown, in my case), pilates, and yoga. 

Beakers: I am an undergraduate studying chemistry, because I think lab goggles make me really attractive. I would also like to get a job in the field of chemistry one day... you know, so I can wear lab goggles all the time. However, chemistry classes are hard, so you will probably hear me complain about them every day occasionally.

Gluten-free: I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy about two years ago. This was very unfortunate, because about 99% of my diet was bread. And it has forced me to learn how to cook, much to my dismay, so you will see a lot of amazing (as well as some failed) gluten-free recipes! 

Also, you will probably hear a lot about my dog, Flynn, who I am a little obsessed with. He is a dachshund, and pretty much the most adorable (and spoiled) thing ever. He lives with his dad, who also happens to be my boyfriend of over two and a half years. Zach and I have a long-distance relationship, but I make the two hour drive most weekends to see my favorite boys (I actually just want to see the dog, but don't tell Zach). 

Happy reading!