Monday, February 16, 2015

Back in Business

Well hello there, everybody. It's been a while... like what, three years? THREE YEARS. That is crazy. I can't believe I let my blog die for three years. I am officially the worst blogger ever.

So what has inspired me to resurrect my three-year-dead blog, you ask? Well, not much really. I was just sitting here waiting on some ribs to bake in the oven, watching HGTV (because let's be honest- best channel ever), while there is some unusual winter weather going on outside. And then I suddenly thought- hey, why not blog? I still read other people's blogs, but for whatever reason, I just dropped the ball myself.

So what has changed in three years? In a few words: a lot. When we last spoke, I was a fresh college graduate, nervous to find my first job and get my life started. So here's the basic story: I got a job in the mountains where I worked while Zach finished school. Then, he got a job offer in the great metropolis of Charlotte (my hometown), and so we moved. I found a beaker-y job as well that I love.

Then, (drum roll) we got engaged!!! And the last year has been one big whirlwind of wedding planning logistical nightmares. But happy logistical nightmares. Sort of. Anyway, we are due to wed in May, so get ready for some wedding talk!

Also, we got another chocolate dachshund. I know what you are thinking- wasn't one enough? Do we really need to see more pictures of chocolate dachshunds on this blog? Well, may I introduce you to Toby (hint: he is the one in the back):

He is very sweet (although very annoying), and he is about a year and a half old now. As you can see, it is hard to be a dog at our house. PS: look at how fat Flynn got! The vet put him on a diet, but that is not going so well, aka Zach still sneaks them food.

In not-so-new news, I am still an active person (or try to be). I never really got my knees 100% fixed, so they are still duds, but I do what I can. I have really been into pilates and taking classes like kickbox cardio, zumba, etc. at our gym. I have actually recently been thinking of getting my personal trainer certification so that I can torture people in the way my fitness instructors torture me. Also to help people, but mostly to torture. I have gone so far as to get my CPR/AED certification, which is a pre-requisite. Did you know that CPR is shockingly difficult? I had no idea how much was involved or how hard it is to do. Everyone should take a class just in case, because that is some valuable knowledge. Anyway. Moving on.

I am also still allergic to gluten (shockingly) and have to lead a very hipster lifestyle in that regard. Which is fine because about a million people jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon and so now I have a lot of choices and options that I would have never dreamed I would have three years ago. It's fantastic. So keep on with the fad gluten-free dieting, people. I love it.

SO. What can you expect to see in this new-and-improved blog? Well, I will probably occasionally post workouts, especially as I dip my feet into the world of personal training. And you might see some killer recipes that I find and just have to share. But be warned- I am not one of those super ultra-healthy food bloggers. You won't see professional photographs of kale-quinoa-kombucha whatever. I try to live healthy and eat healthy, but I am not that strict with my diet. I can still down too much wine and chocolate with the best of them (gotta live a little). You also won't see a schedule of my work-outs because this isn't my personal exercise journal. I like exercise, but I think that everyone has their own limits for what they can do. I can't work out 6 days a week. It is not practical for me. I can't run 50 miles a week or bike 100 or do Crossfit every day. I think it is fantastic that some people can, but I also recognize the importance of knowing what you, your body, and your lifestyle can handle and not to compare yourself to other people (because there are a lot of "perfect" people in the blog world, and it is easy to fall into that trap). But what you definitely will see are gratuitous amounts of dachshund pictures, my boring life events, and some other general eclectic nonsense. Now that I have typed that out, it sounds like the most lame blog ever. But stick with me, okay?


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