Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whiny Wednesday (except it's Thursday)

Well, I ended up being too busy yesterday to make a Whiny Wednesday post, so it is just going to have to happen today (because I have too much to whine about).

1. I hate this semester. I really, truly do. I am taking more credit hours than I have ever taken before, and my labs are really long and tedious. At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Is it May yet?

2. I haven't been sleeping well ever since I came back to school. I guess it is due to stress? Anyway, it has led to a lot of this:

It has also led to me being irrationally cranky. And I mean really cranky.


3. I am still not sure if I want to commit to that 10k race. It is at 2pm on a Sunday, meaning I'd have to run it and then either drive 3 hours back home right after, or wait until 6am the next morning to drive home (and then have a 9 hour day of classes), which would suck. I'm also scared I'm not ready for it. I have had to lay off of running since I did the 5.5 mile run, because my knees have been sooo uncomfortable and swollen. I must have arthritis. I am getting too old for this stuff.


4. My family is finally coming up to visit me this weekend, and what does the weather do? This:


Thanks a lot, Boone. I am glad that all of our outdoor plans will go so well.

5. This guy was held in solitary confinement without trial for 2 years because he got pulled over for a DWI. He was denied medical care, and he was not allowed to see a lawyer. Seriously, New Mexico, you can't just do that. Get your stuff together.

I guess that's the end of my whining. Thanks for listening reading. Also, is anyone else doing the virtual run for Sherry Arnold? I plan to participate!


  1. I am doing the virtual run, I am not sure how far I will make it as I am still recovering for a series of unfortunate injuries but I am going to do my best!

    1. I totally feel you there... I am having a major disagreement with my knees right now too. If I have to, I will just walk it. :)