Sunday, March 4, 2012


This past week as well as this next week are CRAZY busy. The weeks leading up to spring break are always a nightmare, but this has been especially bad. Anyway, even in the middle of the craziness, I have still had some fun, and some exercise.

This week's workouts: 
Monday: off
Tuesday: 750m swim
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: swimming techniques (kickboard, paddles, etc)
Friday: off
Saturday: dancing!
Sunday: Pilates

So, you might wonder what the dancing was all about? Well, Zach and I went to the masquerade ball! Here are a few pictures: 
me hanging out.

myself and my handsome date. 

my dress. It is not actually as bright red as it looks in
these pictures. 

A picture with my cell phone. Better idea of
how bright my dress really is. 

Obviously I had to be careful with the dancing part because of my knees, but we had fun! It was great to get to go out and spend some quality time with Zach, too. It seems most of our activities lately involve him watching me write lab reports or study.

Next week is spring break. I am halfway through the last semester of my undergraduate career. I am so excited. Not that I am anxious to leave my friends and college life, but I am just ready for the next part of my life to start. Which will hopefully begin with finding a job that I love! 


  1. you look GORGEOUS!! love love love the dress!!

  2. Whoever that guy is, he has the nicest tie.

  3. You look beautiful-killer dress!! Enjoy your last semester of undergrad! It goes by SO FAST.