Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gatlinburg Trip

So this weekend was absolutely amazing. It was really great to get some time away from the stress of school and life in general (although now I have a Biochemistry exam in the morning that I haven't studied for... oh, the sacrifices we make for happiness).

After a long drive, we walked into the hotel room, and Zach was like a kid on Christmas when he saw this:

The guy has an obsession with flat screens. I don't understand the big must be a male thing. The rest of the room (well, technically condo) was really nice too!
The bedroom:

 We even had our own fireplace:

Our first night in town, we went out for Mellow Mushroom, and I had quite possibly the best pizza ever. 

It was butternut squash, nutmeg, pesto, and some really awesome cheese. Sounds crazy, but trust me, it was the best gluten-free pizza I've ever had.

Over the next few days, we went to the Chop House, Park Grill, and Shoney's surprisingly delicious breakfast buffet. I seriously ate my weight in food. You know how you feel after a giant meal? Stuffed, like you can't move? That's how I spent this entire trip feeling. I don't think I've ever eaten more in my life. Also, eating an entire 1/2lb of fudge by yourself is normal, right? I am justifying all this with the fact that we walked like 10 miles.

Good thing Starbucks was having a buy one get one free deal, because we needed Starbucks every single day to fuel up for shopping and eating.

Zach gets so angry when I take pictures of him.
I'm not sure why. 

They should just make me their spokesperson.

The scariest thing we did was ride the chair lift all the way up the mountain. I was freaking out the whole way up. Going down was easier, though. I think it helps that, on the way down, if we were to fall, we would fall forwards instead of backwards. I think about these things. 

At the top. Don't let my smile fool you, I was terrified.

The view from the top. TERRIFYING. 

Other than eating, we mostly just walked around and shopped. And spent way too much money. I'll have to live off of cereal for the next 3 months. But at least I got most of my Christmas shopping done.

I also got some new running clothes from the Nike clearance outlet, which is super cheap. I got a few tops and some compression tights, which will keep me warm in the frozen tundra of Boone:

They are so incredibly skin-tight, though. How does one wear underwear with these? According to google search (yes, I did just look that up), you're not supposed to, but that just seems awkward to me.

And then finally, we ended our trip with lunch at the Chop House (again), where Zach got a salad that was bigger than he is:

And sweet potato fries. Yes, I did eat ALL of those. If there is one thing I'm more addicted to than Starbucks, it's sweet potato fries.

Overall, I would give this trip a 9/10. The only way it could have been better would be if it were longer, if I had a larger stomach so that I could eat more, and if I didn't have a stupid Biochemistry exam tomorrow morning. Speaking of which, I should probably look at that stuff... Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. you two are quite possibly the cutest couple i've ever seen! as for compression tights like that, i have some too and you do see underwear lines with them, so I just try and wear really long shirts and forget about it :)

  2. Aww thanks! haha, and yeah, I guess I will just have to deal or maybe wear shorts over them?

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! Sorry to hear about your foot/ankle pain as well - you'll be the first to know if I discover a brand new secret cure!