Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

Well, it's time for this week's edition of Whiny Wednesday, and I have spent all week thinking of things to whine about.

1. The rain. I hate the rain. But in North Carolina, both fall and spring are pretty much just rain, with the occasional nice day in between. Also, the temperatures are fluctuating like crazy. Today, the high is 60. Tomorrow, the high is 37. What is that about?

Not cool, Boone. Not cool. At least I get to escape to Gatlinburg this weekend, where it will be about 10 degrees warmer. I'll have to bring a bathing suit. 

2. Daylight Savings time is still messing with me. I keep waking up an hour earlier than I'm supposed to and can't fall back asleep because my brain thinks I'm late for classes. I appreciate you watching out for me, brain, but please shut up. You are almost as annoying as that garbage truck that visits my apartment at 4:30am on Monday and Wednesday.

3. My ankle is still being a pain in the butt. Even when I stay off of it for a week and a half, and it feels better, the second I run on it again, it starts to hurt. I have been making sure to ghetto-ice it every time I do any exercise on it, but I'm pretty sure I just need an ankle replacement.

$2 walmart ankle brace and a baggie full of ice. Professional quality, right there. At least my toenails are beautiful. 

4. I bet my Pchem professor will give us homework for this weekend since I am going out of town. Pretty sure he can sense when no one has time to do homework, and that's when he gives it out. What a nice man. I am still losing sleep over that exam. 

5. Driving. Now, I love road trips as much as the next person, but I am going to be doing an ungodly amount of driving during the next few weeks. This weekend I am going to Gatlinburg (3 hours away), and then on Tuesday, I am going home for Thanksgiving break (3 hours away), and then the weekend after that, I will be going back home for a 5k (3 hours away), and then the NEXT weekend, I will be going to Raleigh (3.5 hours away). Geez. The Round trip total for all of that is 25 hours of driving in the next 4 weeks. I need to get one of those squishy neck things so that my vertebrae don't fuse together or something from sitting in the car for so long. I will also probably make Zach drive most of the time. He will because he loves me, right, Zach?

"There better be food involved as a reward for this, woman."
True love. 

What is the longest time you've spent in the car? 


  1. You are, quite possibly, the cutest person I've ever seen (er, read?!). Whiny Wednesday is my FAVORITE! And those are all valid things to whine about :) I hate driving - I make Sean do it all the time and then I sleep :)

  2. why thank you :) I do love to whine! And yes, make the men drive. I try not to fall asleep though, because Zach will get lost and refuse to ask for directions :P

  3. It's a good thing that my favorite thing to do /ever/ is drive. I'm glad there's steak waiting in gatlinburg.

  4. my ankle was giving me the worst time for the two weeks leading up to my first marathon (two weeks ago) and now my knee is acting up!! Boo for joints that don't want to cooperate!

  5. I KNOW, right? I'm ready to trade all mine in for new ones.