Monday, November 7, 2011


Just a few more pictures of adorableness from this weekend... We went on a little walk on Sunday. Flynn loved it. He still hasn't gotten the hang of walking on a leash, though, and seems to think that if he runs fast enough, he can break free of it. Sorry, dog, that's not how it works.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture and end up getting puppy kisses. 

I promise, I never thought I'd be one of those people that dressed up their dogs. Really, I didn't. But somehow, I became one. His Mr. Potato Head shirt is just too cute. I have problems. 

Otherwise, my three main goals for this week are:
1. Eat a lot.- I tend to under eat when I get stressed and busy, and it can really kill my runs. So I have been eating. A lot. Though, somehow, eating a lot = eating junk food in my mind. You need to seriously carb-load for 5k races, right?
2. Drink a lot.- I am a coffee addict, but sometimes I forget to hydrate enough with water. Again, something that can really mess up my running.
3. Don't run.- This might seem really counter-productive to doing well in the 5k this weekend, but my ankle has been reeeeally sore, and if I run on it again, I'm afraid it won't hold up for this weekend. Also, I have my best runs when I haven't actually run in 5+ days. Something about pent-up nervous energy. I will be swimming and yoga-ing, though, so no worries. I won't be a (total) lazy bum.

I am sooo nervous for this race. I'm worried I'll start too fast, or my ankle will hurt, or I'll get sick to my stomach, or whatever else could possibly go wrong in a race. But it is my first 5k, and there will be people walking (it's a walk/run 5k), so if all else fails, I can just pretend I was with the walking group to start with, right? Right.

Here's to a week filled with (excess) food and water!


  1. :) You're gonna do great at your race! Besides, since it's your first one it's an instant PR! You should just use all your pent up nerves to make you super speedy during the race!!

  2. Thanks, girl! I hope so! The idea of a race is just so intimidating!

  3. Hey, Ashley. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Concerning compression, I always thought that it was just for high mileage runners too. But I'm really injury-prone, and the way the compression increases circulation really helps me get going again sooner. It was great for my shin splints and I feel better sooner after I've worn them. It COULD be all in my mind, but I don't think so. : )