Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I haven't blogged for a few days... I know, I know, shame on me. There has just really been nothing to blog about. Zach and I just lounged around for the rest of the weekend, and since I got back to school, I have been doing homework. I did want to show you these amazing little goodies, though:

I made these on Saturday. They are peanut butter brownies, stolen from this recipe. I altered it to make them gluten-free, though, and instead of making them in regular cupcake tins, I used minis. I did make one batch of the regular sized ones, and I thought the minis were much better (mostly because you feel less guilty about eating 10 of them). Not surprisingly, they are all gone now... nothing with chocolate lasts long around me.

Just a few minutes ago, I walked out of biochem lab only to be greeted by snow. ugh.

It was sticking all over my jacket and hair, so I took a picture. I'm not actually gothic, I just look that way when it snows. And you see the giant red line on my forehead? That's from my goggles. I have a permanent goggle mark across my head on Tuesdays because of my two labs. I get a lot of funny looks.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I am definitely running the Gingersnap 5k race this weekend back home. Zach and I are taking Flynn with us, too. Good thing he hates riding in cars, and it's a 3 hour trip. This will be interesting.

Now I am just killing time until I get to kill my abs with Pilates. Why do I exercise? It hurts.


  1. LOVE THE GOGGLE LINE:) Those brownies look incredible!

  2. I used to take so many labs in undergrad and had the permanent goggle lines too! I would try to be sneaky and take them off while no one was looking. For some reason I thought that'd make the lines a little less severe. I don't miss that at all!!