Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fog and Christmas Crap

So around here, we always get a sh*t ton of snow for Christmas. However, this year has been abnormal in the sense that instead of snow, we have just gotten fog and rain. This morning, Zach and I set off for work, and we encountered this: 

No big deal. Just a lake of clouds. Kind of cool looking. Oh, wait...

We have to drive through this crap? It looks like that lame movie "The Mist". 

I was kind of half-expecting to end up in some other dimension. It was so creepy.

So aside from the crazy weather, I tried for a run on Wednesday. Ended up getting a whopping 1.5 miles before my shin splints threw a fit (they have seriously had some issues lately). However, due to the massive amounts of candy, cookies, and general Christmas crap that I have eaten over the past few days, I am thinking another run is in order for tomorrow if my legs can handle it. I did use my compression sleeves, and they seemed to help with the shins.

Coffee makes a failed run better. 
Speaking of Christmas crap, I made "Christmas popcorn" tonight that I got from this blog. It is SO good.

All you do is make popcorn, cover it in melted white chocolate, and add sprinkles. Couldn't be easier. Or more delicious. Or more fattening. YUM.

What kinds of delicious goodies is everyone else making?

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