Monday, December 12, 2011

Leaky Ceiling Part 2

Since I know you guys are just dying with anticipation to know what happened to my ceiling....

Turns out, a pipe is leaking. So right now, we have a nice trash bag ceiling panel, which is the newest in home fashion trends, I've been told.

I am actually kind of nervous we'll wake up tomorrow and find that every squirrel, bird, and mouse in a five mile radius has decided to mooch off our heated apartment.

Anyway, that trash bag is just temporary. Tomorrow, they are going to remove the rest of our kitchen ceiling so that they can fix that pipe. I'm talking the whole thing. They told us to take out anything we might need from the kitchen for a while... so no food for me for the rest of the week, I guess. Good thing I didn't just buy a week's worth of groceries yesterday or anything...

I have two finals tomorrow, which will be my hardest, and then one Wednesday and one Thursday. Wish me luck!


  1. i LOVE what you've done with your kitchen... people are going to catch on to that trend FAST just you wait and see... ;-)

    Hope it all gets resolved quickly!!

  2. You should have had Daniel come fix your pipes. At least they would be working w/o a trash bag. But sheet rock is not his thing so you would still have a hole.