Sunday, December 11, 2011

Leaky Ceiling

So getting dressed up once is a big deal, but getting dressed up twice?! In one week?! Who am I? Actually, it wasn't really by choice. I had a final research presentation, and we were required to dress nicely. Thank you, college, for forcing me to look decent on occasion.

Look at all that fancy.
The presentation went really well. Now it is time to buckle down and study for finals. I can't believe next semester will be my last semester in undergrad. I think I'm in denial.

Anyway, because I've been so busy, I have worked out very little. I had only done one day of real cardio this week (the other days, I did yoga and pilates), so I decided to go for a run today and hope my legs did alright. I didn't make it far, though... just 1.8 miles. Something about a little too much fun leading to a little too much dehydration the next day? Whoops. 

My mirror is a bit dirty.
It was also a really cold run, if you can't tell by my bundling up. When I left, it was only 28 degrees outside, and that was at 10 am! Luckily, since it was so cold, I pretty much had the streets to myself to contemplate whether or not I was going to puke for the entire 1.8 miles. Good decisions, Ashley.

I was cooking dinner earlier with my friend DJ, when he asked if I had just thrown water on him. I thought he was going crazy, but then we looked up, and found this:

Apparently my ceiling is leaking. Leaking what? I do not know. Hopefully water. It's always exciting around here, I tell ya...never a dull moment.

Plans for tomorrow include studying, studying, gym, and studying. I have enjoyed this long weekend off a little too much, and it's going to be hard to get back into school mode for 3 days of finals, but I will be sooo happy to be done with this semester!

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  1. You looky cutey in that first photo!!!

    Yuck on the ceiling! hopefully it's nothing major!