Saturday, December 3, 2011

Post-race exercise

I am going to wait until I have all the photos my mom took to post about my race, but I will give you a hint: the race itself was really difficult mentally for me, but I ended up PRing! By 2 minutes! I am pretty excited!

Somehow my hair always looks bad after races. 
Once I was done racing, we went to eat at SouperSalad, and I ate my full weight in salad, soup, potato salad, pudding, and ice cream. Favorite part of the day, for sure. We got home and my mom and Zach decided that a race was just not enough physical activity for one day (and definitely not enough to justify everything I ate at lunch...), and that I needed to go on a walk with them too. We took the dogs.

This dog has been driving me crazy all weekend. He needs training. Anyone want to volunteer? *cough* Zach *cough*. 

Zach loves the dog (except most of the time). It only took me 10 minutes to convince him to let me take this picture. 

Flynn (our dog) made best friends with my mom's abnormally large Boston terrier, Dudley. They have been like glue since we got here. Dudley likes that having Flynn here means getting more treats, stealing Flynn's food, etc and Flynn likes that he has someone to maul who is big enough to play back. (He normally plays with toy poodles. Unsuccessfully.) 

We are getting them matching BFF collars soon.
We had fun exploring the vast neighborhoods of Charlotte. Flynn has never seen so many cars, people, and other animals in his life. He has had a lot to bark at.

Tomorrow, I will be making the long journey from here to Zach's, and then from Zach's to Boone. I really can't wait to do my homework tomorrow, either. The good news: one week of class left, and then exams, and then I am DONE with this semester. Hallelujah.

Anyone else racing this weekend?

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