Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Actual Birthday

Well, I am officially 22 today. I think after 21, it quits being exciting and you just feel kind of old. I decided to make myself a birthday breakfast from this recipe for custard oats. They were surprisingly good and creamy. I ate half and saved half for later in the day because they were that filling. I highly recommend them. The only thing I didn't like was that they took a while to cook, and I am impatient when it comes to breakfast.

My back is feeling quite a bit better today (only minor pain when bending over to pick something up), so I decided to hop back onto the workout wagon. I was originally going to go to the gym and bike, but I came home to a package from my mom, and inside were new Nike running clothes!!! I look like a walking Nike advertisement, I have so much of their stuff, but it's just awesome. I can't stop myself.

I "suited up" (<---anyone watch "How I Met Your Mother"?) and took off on a 2.6 mile run. I had planned to run a little farther, but cut it short due to some pain. I think my back being crooked is affecting the rest of my body's posture when hitting the pavement. Good thing I am going to the chiropractor on Friday.

Forgive the picture quality. I can't seem to get a decent picture in this dimly-lit apartment without using flash (and we all know how well flash works with mirrors). When I move out of here, I am getting a place that has so much natural light, I'll have to wear sunglasses inside. Seriously.

The tights also have a fancy-pants reflective stripe down the side and one of those handy butt pockets for your keys and such. Love it.

According to my RunKeeper, I have run 99 miles since I got these shoes. Give or take a little (two 5k races plus some un-recorded runs). I think you are supposed to get new ones around 300 miles? That's good, because right now I need new regular shoes for walking to class, etc. since my current ones have a hole in them as of yesterday.

Off to shower.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!! Your new running clothes are pretty snazzy! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

  2. Happy birthday!!! Dig the new threads too!

  3. Happy Birthday --- love the pants (super cute!) ;)

  4. Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was going to text you yesterday but kept forgetting. I'm sorry! Then, at 12:01 I thoguht about it again and considered it, but, didn't want to wake you up. So, HAPPY BELATED BDAY!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a fabulous day! I love HIMYM... legend....ary... :)

    1. Thanks girl! haha, Barney is my favorite.