Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was pretty awesome... it was my official birthday weekend celebration (I turn 22 on Wednesday, but I will be in class all day then). On Friday, Zach took me out to PF Chang's, which has really great gluten-free Chinese food. 

I am still a little shy with my camera in public places (especially dark places like restaurants), so I took pictures of our outfits instead: 

Then, on Saturday, we spent the afternoon in Asheville before heading to dinner. Starbucks was in order, of course. 

While trying to kill time before dinner, we went to pretty much every store in the world, including the Mast General Store in downtown. They have this awesome candy barrel section where you can pick out your own candy. I definitely took advantage of this, and my soon-to-be diabetic self enjoyed it a little too much. 

Six of everything, please.
Then, we went to dinner at Posana Cafe. It is an entirely gluten-free, French restaurant. Two of my most favorite things ever. It is also extremely fancy. I didn't take pictures, but I found this nice picture on their website:

I had the NC Golden Tilefish, with zucchini, squash, eggplant, and potatoes in some delicious sauce, followed by the best (and largest) cheesecake dessert. The single serving was the size of a softball. I don't think I have ever been so stuffed. And then today, Zach got me a super-delicious gluten-free carrot cake. Needless to say, I have just stuffed my face this weekend and probably gained 30lbs in the process. It was totally worth it.  Until I see the scale this week. 

While we were out adventuring, we got the dog a bone treat at PetSmart. It is as long as he is, and he has been trying to destroy it since we gave it to him. No luck so far. This should keep him busy for at least the rest of the week. 

I have to go back to school tomorrow and leave my two favorite men here to fend for themselves. I have never dreaded anything more. I hope this semester flies by, and that there is not much snow, and that I can get a job lined up for when I graduate, and also, while I'm at it, maybe I could win the lottery.

Off to finish my final semester of college. Happy birthday to me! 


  1. What a fun birthday! I love P.F. Changs - it's my favorite for Chinese! :-) Happy Birthday friend!!!

  2. oh my gosh i LOVE mast!! columbia just got one so when i make it to the south i always stop by. the candy is the best part!!

    1. It is rare that I make it out of there without spending half my life savings on candy. I love that they have all the older styles of candy too!