Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well, I started off my first week of classes in true Ashley form and managed to seriously injure myself doing something mundane. Yesterday, I was moving everything back into my apartment and was carrying in a giant box of stuff (it probably weighed 50-60lbs) up 3 flights of stairs, when I managed to twist my body in some kind of awkward way. I felt a really sharp pain, fell over, and couldn't get up. From what I can tell, it seems that I have a pinched sciatic nerve. I fluctuate between leg numbness and shooting pain, and it is way worse when I try to transition from sitting to standing or laying to sitting, etc.


I have pinched nerves before, but nothing like this! I took some Tylenol and used some Biofreeze, and that seemed to help a little. I can't get to the chiropractor until at least Friday, so I am just in a sad state. I did manage to hobble to my first class today, and I felt a little better after all the movement.

Unfortunately, the fact that I can hardly walk probably means no exercise for the next few days. So what do I do with all my pent up energy? I organized my closet. I can still sit on the floor pretty darn well, so I used that talent and cleaned out the bottom of my closet. I threw away two pairs of shoes, including my first ever pair of running shoes (RIP Mizunos) because they were about 2000 years old.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "gee, that still looks pretty messy." I should have taken a 'before' picture, because it was much worse. Keep in mind that this little closet is the only place I have to store my entire life. I love apartment living. Especially when your bedroom is about 5 square feet. Maybe in my next post, I'll give you the grand tour!

Anyway, that about sums it up. A BIG congrats to Rachael@HappyHealthyRunner who, while she didn't do anything really impressive like organizing a closet, did run her first marathon!!!! You go, girl!


  1. bahahahaha I just love you. Thanks! It was no closet organizing though, that's for sure! ;-)

  2. so sorry to hear you are injured. sending get well wishes from newfoundland!! :)