Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Angry Dog

Since our water was frozen yesterday, Zach's dad came down and went under the house with a hair dryer to try to thaw out the pipes. The dog did not like it at all. He ran around barking and pacing the floors, and finding various lookout posts around the house.

Yes, we do have an old computer set up in the kitchen that Zach uses as some kind of a server... life with a computer science major.

After all the excitement, the dog and I relaxed in my snuggie. I managed to look 12 years old in this picture, per usual. I still have people asking what middle school I go to. Annoying. 

Today, I went for a relaxing 2.8 mile run around town (it had warmed up to about 35 degrees), and then I got ingredients to make these awesome healthy bites, modified from this recipe. In the mix: oats, pb, honey, cinnamon, ground flax seed, coconut flakes, pecan pieces, and mini chocolate chips. I meant to add in protein powder but forgot. Whoops. They're still delicious. 

Tomorrow, Zach, his mother, his grandmother, and I are going out for lunch at Chili's (I am obsessed with their soup and salad lunch combo). Should be fun!


  1. Its ok, people still think im in high school :)

  2. I'd rather look young than old!! It'll be soooo much better when you're 70.

    I'm gonna have to try those healthy bites. Look good!