Friday, January 13, 2012

Stuck in Colder Weather

The weather here really can't make up its mind. We went from tornadoes to snow in 48 hours. It got so cold last night that our back sliding door actually was frozen shut this morning. I had to take the dog out the front way, showing off my robe and hot pink fuzzy slippers to all the neighbors in the process. It was tragic.

Since obviously there will be no outdoor activities today, I decided to do the intermediate Pilates exercise listed in my new book. It was actually a little too easy... I think I'll try the advanced one next time. I ended my workout with a small circuit exercise and then hit the shower. When I came out, I could not find the dog. I looked everywhere. I had pretty much decided he'd run away from home because I wouldn't share my lunch with him until I noticed this: 

Somehow, he had managed to build a cocoon for himself out of my snuggie and Zach's jacket. My only clues to his whereabouts were a half-eaten milk bone and a small area of dog butt that wasn't covered up. I guess somebody was cold.

Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and get a hair cut. As much as I liked my hair that hadn't been cut for 6 months, I am hoping it makes me look more professional and less homeless. For some reason, the bathroom lighting made me orange. Good to know what I would look like if I ever decided to spray tan.


I just read that Sherry Arnold was found dead. It breaks my heart to hear it. I hope that everyone in the running community will be more cautious when they are running alone, because there are horrible, horrible people out there, and runners are easy targets. I want a world where people can go for a run any time of the day or night and know that those who would try to hurt them are behind bars. But sadly, things are not like that right now, so please take as many precautions as you can to keep yourself safe out there! 

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  1. 1. Your new haircut is adorable
    2. I'm so sad about Sherry, it's just awful :( Really makes you think about how precious life is.