Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Fit Challenge Results

If you are really super attentive, you might remember that I went on and on about Get Fit Winter Break for a while. Well, I definitely did my best to complete it. I took before and after pictures, and I weighed myself. However, when I compared the before and after photos, the only difference that I saw at all was in my upper body (which was the weakest part of me, by far). 

And yes, I do have a tattoo. You can't see it really well in these pictures, but it is a branch from a dogwood tree.


Apparently, I also got really pale. What do you guys think, can you see a difference too? My starting weight was 107, and my ending weight was 108... sooo pretty much the same (we'll call it "water weight"). I assume my abs and legs have gained strength as well, but they always look the same no matter what I do, so I'm not going to bother putting up those pictures. 

Anyway, I am declaring it a success because I can do more than one push-up now. Now for a question. I am thinking of running a 10k in a month. I have one "long run" of 5 miles, and most of my other runs are about 3 miles. Doable? Also, keep in mind that I don't have a Garmin, just a cell phone with a GPS tracking app. This is fine for my regular runs, but I feel like it will hurt me during the race not to know what my pace is, because I always run really fast towards the beginning. It doesn't matter much in a 5k, but in a 10k, do you think I'd burn myself out too fast?


  1. omg i can't believe you have a tat! i totally was not expecting that at all!! (not in a bad way - i'm just surprised) and holy guns, you have nice arms... and i promise that's not creepy at all. lol.

    i think you can run a 10k if you put in the training - you just have to remember to pace yourself and you'll be fine. actually i think you'll be fine no matter what. so go for it!

    1. Haha, most people are really surprised to find out I have one. It kind of clashes with my personality, I guess. But I got it about two years ago, and I love it!

      Pacing myself is so hard in races. I think adrenaline kicks in and what I think is reasonable is actually super fast for me. I need a Garmin, but I am scared to spend the money on it.

  2. I can tell a difference!!!

    Besides, it might be muscle weight that's causing the gain. That's a great thing!!