Friday, January 6, 2012

Two New Books

Does anyone remember that "Get Fit Winter Break" thing I am doing? Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have gained SO much more muscle. The bad news? Between the delicious Christmas food and lack of ability to do cardio (thanks to the weather and lack of a gym), I have also gained fat. However, I am trying not to get discouraged. I just need to incorporate more cardio and watch what I am shoveling into my mouth.

Today's workout was inspired by one of two new amazing books I found at Mr. K's Used Book Store yesterday (they were only $12 together...what a steal!)

I decided to go with Jillian this morning, since I needed a good butt kicking. I had to eliminate/modify some exercises, because she assumes you have access to gym equipment when you are doing these circuit workouts, but I think I did okay.
The workout:
As many pull-ups as possible (modified from lat pull-downs, I don't have a pull-down machine): 6
15 dumbbell rows
50 basic lunges (25 each leg)
1 minute hill run no treadmill
15 low dumbbell rows
15 seated hamstring curls modified to 15 hamstring curls + 15 bent over rows w/5lb weights
step ups  no steps
crab walk 10 steps forward
reverse plank with 5 leg lifts each leg
crab walk 10 steps backwards
reverse plank with 5 leg lifts each leg
20 supermans & 20 second hold
25 reverse crunches
mountain climbers, 1 minute
20 pendulum lunges with hammer curls (10 each leg)
hammer curls to exhaustion (40 reps in my case... wasn't really exhausted, just bored)
20 static lunges with reverse cable fly (10 each leg)
1 minute hill run no treadmill
30 one-leg pelvic thrusts (15 each leg)
25 toe touch crunches
mountain climbers, 1 minute

MAN, doesn't that look like a lot?! It wasn't too bad. I actually finished much faster than you're supposed to, probably because I left out some stuff and wasn't running around the gym in the process. I followed it up with 20 minutes biking on the stationary bike (5 mins warm up, 1 min fast at high tension, 2 mins recovery) and then did 3 more pull-ups, 10 push ups, and some knee exercises.

I listened to Pandora's dance cardio station the whole time I did these. Great workout music! 

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  1. dang you can do a lot of pull-ups! I cant do any :( It's a goal one day... how'd you get so much upper body strength?!