Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frozen Tundra

Greetings from Antarctica. Last night we had an "arctic front" come through, and we got about 2 inches of snow, which doesn't sound bad, but then add in the fact that the temperature dropped to 15 below freezing with massive wind gusts, and it is bad. It was so cold, Flynn decided he would hold it rather than face the frozen tundra to potty this morning. Evidently, our water pipes froze overnight too, because we didn't think to leave our water running. I hope they don't burst!

It is amazing what you realize that you need water for when you no longer have it. I can't shower, can't brush my teeth, can't wash my hands, can't flush the toilet, can't do dishes (ok, maybe I'm not too upset about that one), can't do laundry, etc. I really hope our pipes unfreeze soon, or we are going to be living in a really gross house.

I have done okay on the workout front this week. Yesterday, Zach and I went on a really cold 2.5 mile walk, and then I biked for 20 minutes and did a mock Crossfit workout (which I copied from CarrotsnCake)
5 times each-
10 push ups
10 crunches/sit ups
10 mountain climbers
10 squats

The circuit was supposed to be completed 10 times, but I was pretty fatigued after just 5. Then, I did a 40 minute Pilates video this morning. So far, my goals for the new year are coming along well.

Flynn has been spending quality time with his rawhide all day.

Now, Flynn and I are laying on the couch, watching a marathon of White Collar (great show) and hoping the water un-freezes before tonight. Because I really would like to be able to shower. I will probably still not do the dishes, though.

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  1. ugh i'm a huge wuss when it comes to cold weather, i am so sorry you have to deal with that!! hope it gets warmer soon xoxo